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Project (Summary): “ZAIKOMENA” / Search of partnership.
Search of partnership in these three leagues anchors are in the same district of Manjakandriana,
Region Analamanga, make a triangle, radiant in fifty (50) Kms:
1. Ambohibolo (Fokontany Andriambazaha, Kaomina Mantasoa):
Twenty (20) Individuals (clients), field owners to implement:
Farmers, traders, foresters, craftsman …
2. Ibaka (Fokontany Alarobia, Kaomina Alarobia):
Twenty (20) Individuals (clients), field owners to implement:
Culivators, farmers, traders, Retired civil servants, craftsman.
3. Avaratsena (Fokontany Antanamalaza, Kaomina Masindray):
Twenty (20) Individuals (clients), field owners to implant:
Farmers, Foresters, traders, Retired civil servants, craftsman.
Spread on:
1. The appropriations of lands (booking fees, promoting Issuing Land Titles)
2. Construction (ecological) / Habitat rehabilitation (modernization of selected traditional habitat:
laterite brick type;
3. Pipes and water pipes (health, agriculture); the installation of latrines / habitat.
4. Implementation of the energy source (wind turbine, solar panels, water …)
5. Rehabilitation Medical emergency centers, hospital clinics.
6. Extension of Public Schools (EPP, CEG, High) Å specialize in training vocation;
7. Mechanization of agricultural materials
8. Implementation of public information centers (Library, Regional Public Radio …)
9. Implementation of Microfinance Institutions.
10. Rehabilitation of used roads —- (asphalt or paves) / INCREASE battery dikes (magmatic rock).
The project will spread over five (05) years, focuses in agriculture, ecotourism sustainable
development, has a purpose in developing rural areas (land owner to funding donor’s resources),
then can power financing other sources of development.

  • Minors ( teenagers )

    The requests for inscription concerning the minors, after agreement with Mada Aiza, should be signed by the father, the mother or the legal supervisor and to be marked: “agreement of the father, the mother, the legal supervisor”.
    They must have , in extra to the idendity cards required for the trip, a territory exit authorization . At last, they will mention their numbers and an address permetting the children to establish a direct contact with the persons in charge.

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