II E 34 Z J B Ambohidahy Ankadindramamy Antananarivo (101) Madagascar.
  • En cours de CIRCUITS

    .: Malagasy .: Français .: Anglais
    Manao ahoana ! Bonjour ! (ou bonsoir !) Good morning !
    Inona ny vaovao ? Quoi de neuf ? What’s news ?
    Salama fa misaotra Je vais bien ,merci ! I’m fine !
    Tonga soa Bienvenue Welcome
    Hotely Hôtel hotel
    Mividy Achete to buy
    Vola monnaie d’argent money
    Lafo cher expensive or dear
    Mora bon marché cheap
    Madinika menues monnaies small changes, coins
    Tsena Place du marché market place
    Ohatrinona ? Combien ? How much ?
    Ny vidiny le prix, le coût the price or the cost ?
    Ohatrinona ny vidiny ? combien coûte ? how much is this ?
    Lavitra loin far
    Akaiky près near
    Kely peu little
    Akaiky kely tout près rather near
    Adiny iray une heure one hour
    antsasakadiny 1/2 heure half of an hour
    fahefankadiny 1/4 heure quarter to or past an hour
    andro jour day
    ora heure hour
    herinandro semaine week
    alina nuit night
    atoandro midi midday
    maraina matin morning
    volana lune moon
    masoandro soleil sun
    volana Jona mois de Juin June
    taona année year
    matory dormir to sleep
    vetivety bref short , brief
    elabe trop tard too late
    haingana vite quick
    efa avy eo après, dans un moment after
    tara tard late
    tara loatra trop tard too late
    reraka las, fatigué tired
  • CUISINE et Mots de MENU

    .: Malagasy .: Français .: Anglais
    sakafo repas meal
    mihinana manger to eat
    mofo pain bread
    mihinana maraina petit-déjeuner breakfast
    kafe café coffee
    mihinana atoandro déjeuner lunch
    ronono lait milk
    mihinana hariva dîner dinner
    dite du thé the tea
    dobera du beurre the butter
    fromazy fromage cheese
    siramamy sucre sugar
    sakay piment the hot, pepper
    tantely miel honey
    carry carry curry
    atody œuf egg
    sira sel salt
    sôsy sauce sauce
    sotro cuillère spoon
    lovia assiette plate
    fourchette fourchette fork
    kaopy verre glass
    sopiera soupière, bol soupteering
    zinga jogue jog
    antsy couteau, canif knife

    .: Malagasy .: Français .: Anglais
    akoho poulet chicken
    akanga pintade guinea fowl
    vorontsiloza dindon, dinde turkey
    gisa oie, jars goose
    ganagana canard duck
    trondro poisson fish
    thon thon thon
    crevette crevette shrimp, prawm
    langosta langouste crayfish
    dràkaka crabe géant crab
    orana écrevisse crayfish
    amalona anguille eel
    karpa carpe carp
    kisoa porc pork
    kotoleta côtelette ( porc, mouton ) chop, cutlet
    omby boeuf beef
    henakisoa viande de porc meat of pork
    henomby viande de boeuf meat of beef
    voatabia tomate tomatoe
    oignon oignon oignon
    tongolo ail garlic
    sôsy tomaty + tongolo sauce tomate à l’ail tomatoe and garlic sauce
    frity frite french fry or chip
    trondro frity poisson frite frying fish
    ovy pommes de terre potatoes
    ovy frity frites de pomme de terre french fry
    saonjo songe, igname
    vomanga patate douce sweet potatoe

    .: Malagasy .: Français .: Anglais
    karoty carotte carrot
    nave navet turnip
    laisoa le chou cabbage
    soaflera choufleur cauliflower
    beteravy beterave beetroot
    tsiasisa lentille lentil
    tsaramaso haricot bean
    kabaro poids du cap pea
    voanjo arachide peanut
    salady salade ( laitue, romaine) salad
    poivron poivron green pepper
    poarô poireau leek
    arikôvera haricot vert green bean
    kôkômbra cocombre cocomber
    ôliva olive olive
    kôrnisôn cornichon gherkin
    korzety courgette courgette, zucchini
    voanjobory arachides rondes
    ravintoto feuilles de manioc pilées grinded manioc leaves (casanova)
    ti-sam ti-sam ti-sam
    soadesinina chou de chine chineese cabbage
    petsay petsay pe-tsay

    .: Malagasy .: Français .: Anglais
    akondro banane banana
    voasary orange orange
    voasary makirana citron lemon
    paoma pomme apple
    paiso pêche peach
    poara poire pear
    mananasy ananas pinapple
    manga mangue mangoe
    pibasy bibasse
    voaloboka raisin grape
    zavoka avocat avocado
    karasoly corosol
    firezy fraise strawberry
    serizy cerise cherry
    papay papaye papaya
    melon mélon melon
    voatavo citrouille pumpkin
    pasiteky pastèque watermelon
    voanio noix de coco coco nut
    fary canne à sucre sugar canne

The culinary menu Malagasy is very varied. But the “Romazava” et le “Ravitoto” and the “Ravitoto sy Henakisoa” with the “rice” white or red have a singular reputation…

The Romazava : It’s a cooking of a selection green bredes + sauces ( tomato-oinon-salt…) + meats ( net of zebu or pork) Always represented with rice cooked and the Ranovola, at the table The dessert is as you prefer.

The Ranovola is a water of table drifted of the very cooking of this rice and is drunk hot.

The Ravitoto: It’s a cooking of cassava green leaves crushed + sauce ( tomato-oinon-salt…) + ( fine slice of zebu or cutlet). The rice and the Ranovola always go with at table…The dessert is as you prefer.
The Ravitoto + hena kisoa: The Ravitoto and the meat of pork.

The Chinese kitchen is very current in Madagascar, as in the big restaurants that in the small gargotes, you will always have the opportunity to take some for the meal. It goes from the simple Chinese soup, of the Mi-Sao, egg fried rice until the grills of the skewers of beefs’meat, pork, poultry or fish.

The French and Italian Kitchens, with their pastry and ice cream, used comfortably in more specialized restaurants, in the provinces’ big cities. But, it can be also found in enough frequented tourists’places.